Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tips Of The Trade: Planning Your Design

I read this in the November Stampin' Success:

Like puzzle pieces coming together, elements of your design can fit perfectly to make your creation uniquely you.

START by asking yourself what message, emotion, or tone you want to evoke with your creation. If it motivates you, challenge yourself to fine exactly the right elements - stamp sets, accents, and colors.

FOCUS by choosing your stamped image and then coordinating it with supporting images, background patterns, your greeting (if you have one), accents, Designer Series pager, etc.

CHOOSE colors to compliment your focal image. Your color choices can complement or detract from your art. Typicaly, fewer colors work best. Three colors plus one neutrol color is optimum.

LAY OUT your design before you glue anything down. This eliminates card stock anxiety.

WORK for balance in your art. Look at your planned layout. Where does your eye rest? Are all the elements balanced? You don't need to fill your entire page or card front.

TAKE TIME to stamp.

"WHEN IN DOUBT, USE OLD OLIVE!" Have a favorite color combination to turn to when you're stumped.

I thought that these were some really neat tips! I just wanted to share them with you!

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